AEH-LSHS01-06W3L Homaya SHSO1

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Solar Home System: 500+ lumens from 4 lights supporting mobile charging and radio

Solar Home System S01 – 500+ lm in total

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500+ lumens from 4 lights can support mobile charging and radio

Number of portable & fixed lamps – 2 fixed + 1 portable (with 3 hours backup) + 1 inbuilt Torch

Solar panel Wp – 6Wp, 12V

Inbuilt battery type – 19.2Wh LiFePO4 battery

Portable lamp battery type – 3.7V, inbuilt Li-Ion battery


  • Reliable, long life & safe battery – Inbuilt with the latest, clean, and green Lithium Ferro Phosphate technology with 5 years
    battery life
  • Portable solution – Portable lamps with lithium battery and Powerbox with inbuilt torch
  • Charges 3 mobiles or radio same time – 3 USB charging ports provided to charge standard and smartphones or radio
  • Additional Solar panel compatibility – Provision to connect additional solar panel for quick charging during cloudy days
  • Globally certified – SONCAP, LM79, LM80, Lighting Global*, SABS (IEC)*, IDCOL*.


Homaya Solar Home System offers is a portable solar home system solution with the latest battery technology, meant to meet all the critical energy needs of
a home. With its portable lamps and 3 USB charger ports, it can conveniently light up all the rooms, gardens, livestock area, etc around the home and also charge
mobile phones.