A9MEM3235 IEM3235 energy meter – CT – M-bus – 1 digital I – 1 digital O – multi-tariff – MID

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IEM3235 energy meter – CT – M-bus – 1 digital I – 1 digital O – multi-tariff – MID


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Acti 9
range of product
Acti 9 iEM3000
device short name
product or component type
Energy meter
poles description
1P + N
3P + N
type of measurement
Active and reactive energy
Active and reactive power
metering type
Active, reactive, apparent energy (signed, four quadrant)
device application
Sub billing
Partial meter
accuracy class
Class 0.5S active energy conforming to IEC 62053-22
Class 0.5S active energy conforming to IEC 61557-12
Class C active energy conforming to EN 50470-3
input type
External CT 1 A or 5 A
[In] rated current
5 A
1 A
rated voltage
100…277 V
173…480 V
network frequency
60 Hz
50 Hz
technology type
display type
LCD display
sampling rate
32 samples/cycle
measurement current
1…32767000 mA
maximum value measured
99999999 MWh
tariff input
Tariff (4)
communication port protocol
M-bus at 300, 600, 1200, 2400, 4800 and 9600 bauds, insulation 3750 V
communication port support
Screw terminal block: M-Bus
typical current consumption
Communication M-bus: 2.3 mA
local signalling
Green indicator light: power ON
Yellow flashing LED: accuracy checking
alarm: overload
number of inputs
1 digital 0…5 V/11…40 V 24 V DC
number of outputs
1 digital (static)
output voltage
5…40 V DC@50 mA
mounting mode
mounting support
DIN rail
connections – terminals
Current circuit: screw terminals 6 mm² cable(s)
Voltage circuit: screw terminals 2.5 mm² cable(s)
overvoltage category
IEC 61010
IEC 61557-12
UL 61010-1
IEC 62053-22
IEC 62053-23
IEC 61036
product certifications
CE conforming to IEC 61010 (safety)
CE conforming to EN 61557-12 (power monitor)
CE conforming to IEC 61326-1 (EMC)
CULus conforming to UL 61010 (safety)
CULus conforming to ANSI C12.20 (sub-meter)
EAC (sub-meter)
RCM conforming to NMI M 6-1 (sub-meter)
MID conforming to EN 50470-3 (sub-meter)
MID conforming to EN 62052 (sub-meter)


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