ATS22D75Q Soft starter-ATS22-control 220V-power 230V(18.5kW)/400…440V(37kW)

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Soft starter-ATS22-control 220V-power 230V(18.5kW)/400…440V(37kW)

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range of product
Altistart 22
product or component type
Soft starter
product destination
Asynchronous motors
product specific application
Pumps and fans
component name
network number of phases
3 phases
[Us] rated supply voltage
230…440 V – 15…10 %
motor power kW
37 kW 400 V
37 kW 440 V
18.5 kW 230 V
factory setting current
69 A
power dissipation in W
63 W for standard applications
utilisation category
type of start
Start with torque control (current limited to 3.5 In)
IcL starter rating
75 A for connection in the motor supply line for standard applications
IP degree of protection
assembly style
With heat sink
function available
Internal bypass
supply voltage limits
195…484 V
supply frequency
50…60 Hz – 10…10 %
network frequency
45…66 Hz
device connection
In the motor supply line
To the motor delta terminals
[Uc] control circuit voltage
230 V – 15…10 % 50/60 Hz
control circuit consumption
20 W
discrete output number
discrete output type
Relay outputs R1 230 V running, alarm, trip, stopped, not stopped, starting, ready C/O
Relay outputs R2 230 V running, alarm, trip, stopped, not stopped, starting, ready C/O
minimum switching current
100 mA at 12 V DC (relay outputs)
maximum switching current
5 A 250 V AC resistive 1 relay outputs
5 A 30 V DC resistive 1 relay outputs
2 A 250 V AC inductive 0.4 20 ms relay outputs
2 A 30 V DC inductive 7 ms relay outputs
discrete input number
discrete input type
(LI1, LI2, LI3) logic, 5 mA 4.3 kOhm
discrete input voltage
24 V <= 30 V
discrete input logic
Positive logic LI1, LI2, LI3 at State 0: < 5 V and <= 2 mA at State 1: > 11 V, >= 5 mA
output current
0.4…1 Icl adjustable
PTC probe input
750 Ohm
communication port protocol
connector type
1 RJ45
communication data link
physical interface
RS485 multidrop
transmission rate
4800, 9600 or 19200 bps
installed device
protection type
Phase failure: line
Thermal protection: motor
Thermal protection: starter
type of cooling
Forced convection
operating position
Vertical +/- 10 degree
295 mm
145 mm
207 mm
net weight
12 kg
Motor power range AC-3
15…25 kW at 200…240 V 3 phases
30…50 kW at 380…440 V 3 phases
motor starter type
Soft starter


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