RXM4GB1JD Miniature Plug-in relay – Harmony RXM 4 C/O 12 V DC 3 A

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Miniature Plug-in relay – Harmony RXM 4 C/O 12 V DC 3 A


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range of product
Harmony Relay
series name
product or component type
Plug-in relay
device short name
contacts type and composition
4 C/O
[Uc] control circuit voltage
12 V DC
[Ithe] conventional enclosed thermal current
3 A at -40…55 °C
status LED
control type
Lockable test button
utilisation coefficient
20 %
shape of pin
[Ui] rated insulation voltage
250 V conforming to IEC
300 V conforming to CSA
300 V conforming to UL
[Uimp] rated impulse withstand voltage
2.5 kV during 1.2/50 µs
contacts material
Gold plated bifurcated silver
[Ie] rated operational current
2 A at 28 V (DC) NO conforming to IEC
2 A at 250 V (AC) NO conforming to IEC
1 A at 28 V (DC) NC conforming to IEC
1 A at 250 V (AC) NC conforming to IEC
3 A at 28 V (DC) conforming to UL
3 A at 277 V (AC) conforming to UL
maximum switching voltage
250 V conforming to IEC
resistive rated load
3 A at 250 V AC
3 A at 28 V DC
maximum switching capacity
750 VA/84 W
minimum switching capacity
15 mW at 3 mA, 5 V
operating rate
<= 1200 cycles/hour under load
<= 18000 cycles/hour no-load
mechanical durability
10000000 cycles
electrical durability
100000 cycles for resistive load depending on mounting position and working environment
average coil consumption in W
0.9 W
drop-out voltage threshold
>= 0.1 Uc
operate time
20 ms
release time
20 ms
average coil resistance
160 Ohm at 20 °C +/- 10 %
rated operational voltage limits
9.6…13.2 V DC
protection category
test levels
Level A group mounting
operating position
Any position
net weight
0.037 kg
device presentation
Complete product


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